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Love it

2 thumbs up hands down my fav

2 Thumbs Up!

My new FAVORITE paranormal podcast! You guys are amazing, please keep the new episodes coming!!

K Town is awesome!

Love this podcast! Captivating interviews, interesting subjects and KTown’s voice will keep you listening. She asks the questions that the people really want to know! Give this podcast a listen. You will be hooked!

Great show

Great show really enjoy the guests and k town is awesome love her voice and passion keep up the great work 👊

Support this show!!!!!!

So bored with the other paranormal shows. The host let’s the guest talk in length and then asks the good questions we’re all wanting to ask . Keep it up and going!!!!!!!

Harold the toy

WOW. This podcast is so great!!!! Our presenter is just excellent and I am a new fan. She is so sensitive and such a beautiful voice. The interviewee is very interesting and I got chills.

The best of paranormal podcasts!!

I’ve listen to probably every podcast that deals with paranormal subjects and K-Towns podcasts are hands-down the best. Highly recommend if you’re into this subject

Intriguing and thought provoking.

Really love K-town and how they guide the guest through the material. So many other podcasts it is about the host’s ego. Not with K-town. They dig deep into the content and really let the guest shine. Always super thought provoking, really makes you question the world around me. Highly recommend!!!

I love K-Town

This podcast is great and so is her other one Mysterious Radio.

The Perfect Podcast!

This has all the features that create the most enjoyable experience! It’s more of a storytelling experience, clear and concise audio, the exact amount of facts without redundancy, respectful of interviewee, zero personal interruptions about podcaster’s home/pets/irrelevant info/inside jokes/distractions and stories that I haven’t heard millions of times!!! Keep it up….PERFECTION!

K-Town is great!

I love the way K-Town conducts interviews. Always thoughtful, always asks questions that help us understand the issue better. Appreciate her!


Really digging this podcast!! Keep the great story’s coming!👻👻

The Fear!

Thank you for doing this one! You’re a great interviewer and I wish you many years of success.

Love the format!

No messing around trying to be cute and funny. You guys get straight into the interviews and I’m here for it. Good job!