March 6, 2022

Haunted In Mississippi

Haunted In Mississippi

My special guest is author L. Sydney Fisher who's here to discuss Mississippi's paranormal history. You can get here entire The Haunted Series on Amazon.

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The spirits of famous people…From the likes of frontier legend, Davy Crockett or Ruby Elzy, African American opera singer to Gladys Presley, mother of Rock-n-Roll's legendary King, Elvis Presley, the Mississippi hills of The Wilderness have stories of grandeur to tell.


Battlegrounds and Bloodshed…It's a place of new beginnings and heartbreaking endings. A place where battles and bloodshed have weaved a history destined to be retold. And beneath the graves of many left behind lies the bodies of restless spirits who still roam the streets, trapped by the memories of another time. A time in 1836 when The Wilderness was given a new name. 


Malevolent Spirits Unleashed…Explore the haunting tales of ghosts and paranormal phenomena in this second volume in the series. Experience the terror of The Devil's Den, a site once investigated by Taps of Alabama and a place where even the skeptics cannot deny its malevolent force.


If you love history and ghosts, you'll love the second book in this series. Like The Haunted America series by The History Press, L. Sydney Fisher's The Haunted is a historical narrative that explores southern sites with a paranormal past. Let's continue in The Wilderness.

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L. Sydney Fisher


L. Sydney Fisher is the bestselling author of more than a dozen books. She writes supernatural suspense and paranormal thrillers inspired by true events. She earned a B.A. in English from the University of Mississippi and a Master's in Higher Education from the University of Missouri. She currently lives with her two children, a golden retriever, a black cat named Coco Chanel, and one noisy ghost who rudely shuffles his feet across the kitchen floor early in the morning. When Sydney's not writing, she's researching another haunted location and its history.