April 17, 2022

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings

My special guest is author Tim Marczenko who's here to discuss the disembodies voice phenomena and how one called to him pretending to be his father.


Get his book Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings



They know your name!

Voices are calling us - voices without an attached form. Encounters with these disembodied voices warn us, haunt us, confuse us, inspire us, and scare us. Explore spine-chilling, true stories from the author's investigations and real occurrences throughout history that expose this rarely explored phenomenon. 

Objectively and thoroughly presented, the evidence and theories shine light on possible reasons and agendas for these voices and where they might originate. Gain insight into what they are and what we may be able to learn from them. Sometimes they inspire great acts; other times they lead us astray. Are they forgotten woodland deities? Is it an ancient evil from the days of Eden? Is there a single intelligence behind them all...or perhaps we shouldn’t look too deeply...or else....

Famous reports from history as well as never-before-published reports of disembodied voices from the everyday lives of common people are discussed. But what about you? When the voices call, will you answer? Hair-raising conclusions found here will make you think twice.


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Tim MarczenkoProfile Photo

Tim Marczenko


Author of Disembodied Voices.
Tim Marczenko is a Canadian writer who is on the trail of monsters and strange phenomena. Marczenko has been featured in many publications such as The Fortean Times, Open Minds and Unexplained Paranormal Magazine. He writes both Non Fiction and Fiction, having a keen interest in the paranormal, missing people, and folklore. His intrepid research and storytelling bring a refreshing perspective to many of the planet’s mysteries.