Feb. 23, 2022

Black Eyed Children and Other Paranormal Phenomena

Black Eyed Children and Other Paranormal Phenomena

My special guest is author Gary Vasey who's here to discuss terrifying reports of people encountering children that have solid black eyes demanding to enter their home or car. Get his book The Chilling, True Terror of the Black-Eyed Kids: A Monster Compilation, Edition 3, by G. Michael Vasey


This book from best-selling paranormal and occult author – G. Michael Vasey has become the definitive account of the mysterious and terrifying black-eyed children. Completely re-edited and updated for the third edition.


The black-eyed kids are an urban legend of terrifying proportions. Stories of small children turning up on people's doorsteps asking to be ‘let in’ occur all across the world, spreading fear and terror. This comprehensive compilation of G. Michael Vasey's best-selling books on this horrifying phenomenon includes all new material, as well as the complete texts of his hit books - The Black-Eyed Demons are Coming and The Black-Eyed Kids.


G. Michael Vasey carefully investigates this truly terrifying phenomenon using accounts of real-life encounters with these horrific supernatural beings, legends, myths and psychology. The result is a downright unsettling and sometimes terrifying book that will have you fearfully anticipating that knock at your door... late at night.


Will you ever sleep peacefully again? Who and what are these mysterious visitors to your doorstep?

  1. Are they demons, aliens?
  2. What do they want?
  3. Why do they need to enter your home and,
  4. Exactly what happens if they do let them in? 

Young children that ask to use your phone or for a ride and yet, those that encounter them are scared to death even before they notice their sinister and soulless black eyes……This book will truly terrify you….. and have you afraid to answer your door late at night. Knock – Knock!


None of the content in this book originated from Reddit or Wikipedia despite the fake review saying so. The italicised stories are all stories submitted to me as the book says. All other references are provided as footnotes